Slot Review: Megasaur Game Specifics

Realtime Gaming developed the video slot Megasaur in 2014.

Due to the obvious connection between the title and the game’s symbols, the developer has labeled this slot as belonging to their “Dinosaurs” category.

Data Slot

Reels: 5

Rows: 3

Toto: 25 lineas de pago

RTP: 96.00%

Vultures: Yes

Spins with no cost?

Bonus round:

Liberal: Yes

In a word, yes

Style of Slots

The playing board for Megasaur, an online slot machine, consists of the typical 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 fixed paylines.

This slot machine has a medium volatility and a return to player percentage of roughly 96.00%.

The game does not let you choose your paylines, and instead offers three fixed wagers of $0.125 ($1.25), $0.50 ($2.50), and $5.00 ($5.00) every play.

The game was released in 2014, so it’s not unexpected that the user interface is generic and antiquated. However, the symbols are crisp and the animations are quite fluid.

Slot Functions

When three volcanoes occur, the Megasaur Feature is activated. The player can choose any of the volcanoes, awarding them with anything from one to ten free games. When the green Megasaur comes on reel 2, he will consume and replace all of the other dinosaurs on the screen. The crimson Megasaur on reel 4 will behave in the similar manner. If a winning combination includes a Red Megataur, all prizes are doubled. During this bonus round, additional free spins may be earned.

The Megasaur Feature is guaranteed to activate within a set number of spins according to the Feature Guarantee. When a feature is activated, the spin counter resets to anywhere between 26 and 250. Only when there are 25 spins remaining till the trigger is activated will the meter be shown. Free spins between six and fifty will be awarded when the bonus feature is triggered.

When the Megasaur Feature ends, if the player has won less than 10 times their original wager, the Win-win Feature will activate. If the sum of all winnings is less than two times the triggering stake, the payout is five hundred and fifty times the bet. The payout ranges from 3x to 250x the stake if the number of wins is between 2x and 5x. The payout increases to 2-250 times the triggering wager if the sum of all winnings is between 5 and 10 times the wager.

Playing at a Mega Bet gives you automatic entry into all Megasaur jackpots. These are only available during the bonus spins. Only at the start of a Megasaur Feature are they eligible for winning. If you get 5 Volcanoes when the Mega Jackpot is active, you win the whole amount of the jackpot. If the Major Jackpot feature is active, the Major Jackpot (20% of the cash amount shown) is awarded for 4 Volcanoes. If the Minor Jackpot is active, and 3 Volcanoes appear, you win 10% of the current pot. Only the Major and Minor jackpots can be active during play on a Major Bet, whereas the Minor Bet can only have the Minor Jackpot in play.


The Megasaur slot machine is an excellent online slot with several features.

There are a ton of free spins, a guaranteed bonus that increases in value with each play, many jackpots, and two types of wilds that can appear on any reel.

The fixed 1.25$, 2.50$, and 5.00$ wagers are perhaps the only drawback.

No other option is available, and the maximum wager each spin is indeed $5.00.

An excellent game with fluid animations that the player should at least try out, since we have provided a demo version of the devil for free inside this review.






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