Show Your Expertise Through Content Marketing.

Reaching niche markets with your firm’s content

One of the little-used aspects of professional services marketing is getting a firm’s message into targeted media — online and print publications that are already read and trusted by potential clients. Approaching an editor of a magazine, or the owner of an influential blog with an article can be intimidating — but not if you understand their motives and needs, and know how to meet those needs. This video talks about how to find niche publications and then get your firm’s content where it will be read by people in your firm’s market.

Three kinds of LinkedIn groups: “Professional,” “Industry” and ... “Ignore”

LinkedIn groups can be a great way for members of your firm to develop professionally, learn about issues facing their profession or occupation, and also to develop connections with people who can be potential clients. They can also be a good way to publish ideas expressed in blog posts, articles, papers and other content. However, many business professionals have not yet developed a strategy around getting the most they can, and giving back, through LinkedIn groups.

This video talks about three kinds of groups, depending on the individual’s perspective:  “professional” groups made up of people in one’s own profession or occupation, “industry” groups made up of people within one’s target client base, and what I call “ignore” groups — which are all the other groups on LinkedIn, which you probably can, well, ignore.

Using LinkedIn company pages to reach your ideal clients

If your firm has specific target client organizations in mind, one way to reach them is through an under-used resource — the prospective clients’ company pages on LinkedIn. Here, you can learn information about the company that you can’t get from their website. Particularly, you can learn about people you’re connected to, who work for the target company — and you might not have known that. In this way, you can build an access point into the company.

Two ways to add content to a LinkedIn profile

Many business professional firms would like their senior members to publish informative articles, white papers and other content, and then make it more available so that potential clients can see it. Individual LinkedIn profiles are a great way to do this. In this video, you’ll learn the steps for publishing content to a LinkedIn profile — and to do it two different ways.