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Anniversaries can help your firm’s content rise in the search engine rankings

One of the strongest ways to bring your firm’s content to the attention of search engines, and therefore potential clients, is “newsjacking.” It means tying your content to a news event -- such as a regulatory change, new law or legal precedent, or maybe a disruptive technology.

Newsjacking content means recounting the news event, predicting how things will shake out, and then making recommendations on how to gain a benefit or avoid a problem. With keywords inserted your firm’s ideas can rise to the top of searches on those subjects -- and you also serve your readers by making your firm’s content relevant to their needs.

But what happens when you don’t have a relevant news event handy? Consider using “echo newsjacking” -- an anniversary of the news event. Such as: “It’s been a month since Version 2.2 was launched -- what do users think of it?” or, “A year ago, we were all wondering how the new regulations would be applied. Here is the perspective from our firm’s thought leaders on this subject.”

“It was twenty years ago today”

With apologies to Sgt. Pepper, echo newsjacking content needs to contain the following elements:

  • A description of the news event, to provide background
  • Analysis of the event’s effects on the reader’s world -- what’s different as a result
  • How the situation is expected to develop
  • Your firm’s recommendations on how to avoid a problem or gain a benefit

A few success points:

  • Interviews with your firm’s professionals, describing what the situation was like before the Big Change, can help demonstrate your firm’s longevity and understanding of the context and big picture affecting your clients.
  • Statistics showing how the world has changed, can help underline the importance of the change.
  • Graphic images such as graphs, charts, info-graphics, before-and-after images or video, can be a good way to show the change and its impact.

Pick the right period for your echo

I worked with a client in an engineering/environmental firm about an article about changes to Canada’s federal Fisheries Act, which regulates the protection around not just fisheries, but fish and other aquatic habitat. This Act greatly affects resource extraction such as mining, because these activities generally have an impact on streams and rivers, and this impact must be balanced by creating new habitat elsewhere.

The article I wrote talked about the Act and how it would change mining. About a year later, I approached the author with the idea of a one-year anniversary article -- how had the new Fisheries Act worked out in practice? He said it was premature -- the Act had not had an opportunity to be tested by court cases that would determine its working effectiveness. So, an article five years after the changes had been passed, would be more appropriate in that case, than a one-year article.

On the other hand, it could be that in a field like software or consumer electronics such as smartphones, a one-year anniversary article would be too late -- the world has already moved on, with new software releases and devices. In such cases, a one-month  anniversary might be a better hook for new content.

So, ask yourself, whenever there is a new development that affects people in your market, on which your firm can comment:  What’s an appropriate timeline for some “anniversary” content on this subject?” Then, put aside some information on the development where you can find it, and mark the date of that anniversary content on your calendar.

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