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How should your company be represented on LinkedIn?

With all of LinkedIn's new offerings for corporations it can be tough to distinguish between which features your company needs and those it doesn’t.In the past, we've talked about other aspects of LinkedIn from the importance of your profile, to participation in groups and publishing from your profile.

Just like your personal profile, you want your organization to be represented well on LinkedIn so your future clients, employees and partners will find you and want to work with your organization.

Your Homepage and Base: The Company Page

If someone is seeking your company out on LinkedIn they will search for its name. The first result they should find when they search should be your Company Page. To start a Company Page you need to have an official company email which has a URL that matches your company name. You should also have a current entry on the experience section of your personal LinkedIn profile.

A company page is a mini-home page so it should be on brand and straight to the point. You are limited to space so you will have to boil it down to the very bones of your company message. On your home tab of your Company Page you have room for just a summary, so only include your organization's core mission and activities.

Your aim in creating a Company Page is similar to that of your website, which is to keep all visitors engaged. You can post Recent Updates which should be general company updates about projects, links to your blog etc. Followers of your company will see them in their newsfeed. To keep your company top of mind and show you are engaged, post at least once or twice a week if not more.

Similar to your other marketing efforts you should track your postings, and your Company Page gives you the ability to do this. In the Analytics tab, your Company Page's Administrators can see statistics on the engagement of your Recent Updates including how many people see your updates, click throughs, and engagement. This information can help you to tailor your updates to your audience.

Say you are a small consultancy trying to get the word out, LinkedIn allows you to place sponsored updates. With these paid advertisement like updates, your content appears in the newsfeeds of people you can target based on keywords, profiles and interests.

Drilling down further, highlight your products, services and divisions

Early in 2014, LinkedIn released the Showcase Page. These page are one level below a Company Page. You can use Showcase Pages to highlight specific products or services or a division or business unit within your organization. If your small consultancy specializes in groundwater testing and you have a regional offices in Champaign, Illinois and De Moines, Iowa, each office could get a Showcase Page where they could provide updates on office specific case studies. Showcase pages will be listed in a sidebar on your company page.

Showcase pages also include a Home and Analytics Page. Similar to your Company Page you can add Administrators, and updates from these pages can be sponsored. You can use it to get the word out to your targeted audience on your next product.

With more room for graphics and highlighting groups you follow, Showcase Pages let you give the spotlight to an aspect of your business. Keep the updates on Showcase Pages more specific than the general updates on your Company Page. If your Des Moines office has an opening for an environmental technician or specific product offerings it should be on that regional Showcase Page.

Searching for Career Candidates?

Let’s say your consultancy just won a multimillion dollar contract for a large regional groundwater survey, so you need to find several local field technicians, a GIS specialist and an geological engineer. You could considering using a LinkedIn Careers Page to recruit candidates.

Larger brands and recruiters use these pages to express the company's employment brand. It lets you state your company's employment mission, stories about working for
the company and the opportunities to grow with the company. You can include videos and testimonials from current employees.

These pages are part of LinkedIn's premium business products and their cost will depend on your target audience. If you do a lot of recruiting through LinkedIn, a Careers Page is a good place to integrate your current job postings. You can find and market your company to candidates with the skills and job titles that match your needs. Candidates can also see who in their network works for your company, and this can help motivate more passive job seekers to reach out and connect.

While your company may not need each level of page on LinkedIn, it does help to know how you can use your company’s presence on LinkedIn to recruit, to market and to bring awareness to your organization.

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