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How to get the most from your content through LinkedIn

Publishing your firm's members ideas through LinkedIn is one of the best ways to make their content available, and also to impress anyone who views their profile. Follow this link to learn more about how you can publish your content on LinkedIn.

For your firm's professionals, having published content on their profile shows them as being someone who is forward-thinking, and also someone who gives back, because they’re freely sharing information that’s useful. But is your firm getting the best benefit it can from this aspect of LinkedIn?

Let’s say, for example, that your firm's leading professional wants to build a professional profile as someone who knows about ocean-going ships -- operations, legal issues, safety, environmental protection, or some other aspect.

There are four ways you can help make that happen.

Posts: a new way to broaden the reach for content

One of the newer ways to publish content to LinkedIn is through “Posts,” which involves content published through LinkedIn. This content is available to anyone. You can post a wide range of content through the Posts function, including e-books and white papers, on the topic of shipping or whatever else you want to be known for.

Upload PDFs of your firm's content -- visually appealing, build readership

A second way to publish content is through uploading PDFs of content. That can include slide decks, and PDFs of articles. This feature allows people to see an image of what you’ve published, and that means they’re more likely to click on the content.

Publications: a way to add credibility to anyone's profile

Further down in you profile is the third way to publish content, through the long-established “Publications” section. You add content by filling in an online form giving the title of the article, where it was published, and give a summary. You can list those articles in the Publications section, as well as upload the PDFs, and this adds weight to the profile.

Share your content through Groups

The fourth way to publish content isn’t through the profile, but rather through the groups the profile owner is part of. When posting content to Groups, they’ll need a unique URL for the article. Provide a summary of one or two sentences, and be sure to ask a couple of intriguing and provocative questions to get the discussion going.

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