Show Your Expertise Through Content Marketing.

A checklist for getting the most benefit from your article

So you've been able to help someone in your firm publish a thought-leadership article in a magazine. Congratulations. Take a moment to savor that success. Publishing an article is like climbing a mountain -- it’s a long way to the top, but the work involved makes the view worthwhile.

But now, how do you get the best possible benefit from this article -- put it onto a bigger platform, so to speak -- using the most current tools in the toolbox? Here’s a checklist to see if your firm is getting all it can from that article.

Email distribution

Create a PDF of the article or secure a unique URL (one that’s exclusive to that article) and then help the author send that out to their contacts, along with a note saying why it’ll be of interest to the other person.

The author's resume or CV

Be sure that the article is listed in the author's resume, and provide a summary, along with a link to the article on the publication's website or that of your firm.

Your firm’s own website

Add a PDF of the article to the “Resources” tab of your firm's site, and while the article is still fresh, put a mention of it on your home page. Add a mention to the author's online biography.


This business-oriented social media platform is an essential part of any business professional’s success.

  • Have the author post the article to the “Publications” section of their profile -- list the article, including any collaborators, along with a link to the article on another website, if possible.
  • Add it as an “Upload” -- take a PDF of the article and upload it to their profile, so that anyone looking at the author's profile can click on the image to view the article.
  • In the author's LinkedIn groups -- help the author create a short summary of the article and an attention-grabbing headline, and then drop that information into their LinkedIn groups, with a question or two that’s designed to start a discussion. Add a link to the article.
  • Create a “Publications” version of the article. A post prepared under the “Publications” interface appears on the author's profile, in the Pulse section of their connections, and is also available to a wider world.


While only a small part of the population actually posts content using Twitter, it’s an important part of being seen as a thought-leader. So create several Tweets -- each about 100 characters including space -- including a different summary of the article, with room for a link to the article.

Since the URL you’ve been provided will likely be too long for Twitter, you should take the link and shorten it through a free online service such as If the publication that carried the article has a Twitter handle, include that in the tweet with an @ symbol in front so that they’ll know that you gave them some free publicity.

Reprints of your article

Much of business is still transacted face-to-face, and being able to physically hand a copy of the article to a prospective client is a great way to boost the author's credibility. The reprint should include information on where and when the article was published, because publication lends the author's article credibility.

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