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Rebecca H. Goldberg, Associate

rebecca h goldbergAs Associate with Global Reach, my role is to investigate new ways our clients can deliver content, as well as reaching out to clients to help them meet their professional goals.
My academic and professional background is in environmental science and sustainability. I completed graduate studies in Environmental Studies at Queen’s University, where my research focused on water governance and policy.

Concurrent with my studies and work in sustainability, I developed an interest and realized I have an aptitude for engaging in social and interactive media. This has lead to opportunities where I wrote content for several websites and corporate social media profiles.  Most recently, I co-authored “Social media can help consultants show credibility in a digital age” with Carl Friesen in Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine.

When I am not working for Global Reach Communications, or on my other projects, I enjoy following the latest trends in sustainability and social media. You will often find me pursuing my passion for photography. Twitter: @goldberg_r

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