In-Depth Analysis of the Slot Machine Game, “Mega Money Rush”

Mega Money Rush is a “Wheel of Fortune” clone that features an outer wheel and an inner wheel featuring all of the game’s major prizes and bonus rounds, respectively. The main game is played by placing a wager and then spinning the wheel.

Spin the wheel to win a multiplier of your initial bet if it lands on the Win tile, a random reward if it lands on the Surprise tile, or experience points (XP) to unlock higher levels.


Gaining experience allows access to higher levels. While it may seem pointless to land XP on the chance wheel, doing so pays off in the long run as larger payouts and RTPs await you in the later stages. To give you an idea of scale, the maximum gain on the first level is just 1,000 times your stake, while the return to player percentage is only 93.2%. In any case, if you make it to the end of the game, you’ll be rewarded with a game that has a maximum win of 8,000 times your stake and an extremely high RTP of 97.5%.

What do Mega Money Rush’s features entail?


Mega Money Rush is a hybrid between a racing game and a Wheel of Fortune clone, and as such, it features a number of features designed to increase your chances of winning.



Mega Money Rush’s chance wheel grants the player one of three possible upgrades: a magnet, a shield, or a coin vacuum. During the racing segment of the game, you may use these upgrades to your advantage to collect all of the coins around the track.


Points and Ranks

Each of the eight stages of Mega Money Rush has a unique vehicle, beginning with Road Rush and ending with Star Blaze. Landing enough XP symbols during the chance wheel portion is required to progress to the next level.


Theme, Visual, and Sound Design

Mega Money Rush takes significant design cues from vintage arcade racing games. The text and symbols are based on pixel art, and the game has a really enjoyable music.


An Overview of Mega Money Rush by Our Team

Mega Money Rush, by Skillzz Gaming, is a simple point-and-steer racing game that any racing lover will appreciate. The game’s unique skill-based gameplay makes up for its lackluster visuals when compared to the competition, and players will keep coming back to try their hand at upgrading their car in the hopes of boosting their revenue.


Unique approach to the genre is a plus.

Gains of up to 97.5 percent

Jackpots increase as you go through the game’s 8 stages.


The visuals are quite uninspired.

It’s a long process to the end.

FAQs for Mega Money Rush

For those unfamiliar, what exactly is Mega Money Rush?


Mega Money Rush is a one-of-a-kind racing game from Skillzzgaming that also features aspects of gambling.

To what end does Mega Money Rush serve?


Mega Money Rush is primarily played by placing a wager and then spinning a wheel of fortune. If you receive the Win icon, you’ll play a racing game in which you have to dodge obstacles and gather coins to maximize your payoff.

What is the Return to Player percentage for Mega Money Rush?


In the first level of Mega Money Rush, the RTP is 93.2%, and it rises to a high of 97.5% in the last level.






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